February 5, 2014

Merry Christmas cards Part 1/2 (December 2013)

I loved making Christmas cards! I had way too many ideas and not enough time, so there are some repeats unfortunately. I wish I could quit my job and get paid to craft all day. :)

This first card was for my mom.

I wanted to make my mom's card even more special and decided to decorate the inside as well.

Here is my boyfriend's card.

This card was for my sister Ryan. I liked paper piecing the antlers.

Here is the first of my repeat cards. I made the one for my sister first. My boyfriend said he liked it, so I made the same one for his mom. The only difference between the two cards is what the birds are perched on.

For my sister Jamie

For my boyfriend's mom
The last cards for this post are also repeats because I liked them so much. I actually created the outside of the card based on what I learned from a video on Lawn Fawn's YouTube channel.

Outside of my brother's card

Inside of my brother's card

Yup, I liked this card so much that I made it twice. I just placed "Let it" and the snowflakes a little differently.

Outside of my friend Christie's card

And here I colored the bunny's scarf a different color and made his tail sparkle more.

Inside of my friend Christie's card


Thanks for looking, and have an awesome day! :)

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