February 11, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Part 2/2 (February 2014)

I finished my valentine cards and am going to take them to the post office as soon as I post this blog. Yay!

I love the card I made for my mom.

For my mom

My sister Jamie and I are a lot alike, so I thought the sentiment on her card made a lot of sense.

For my sister Jamie

I made a balloon for my brother's card because bunnies should always play with balloons.

For my brother

My sister Ryan's card is so shiny and glittery and fun.

For my sister Ryan

The tea set is so cute! But I do wish the stamps were just an outline so that I could do paper piecing or just color them in my own way.

For my friend Christie



Thanks for looking, and have a very Happy Valentine's Day! :)