About Me

Hi there!

I started paper crafting in late 2012. After taking a couple of Christmas card classes at Archiver's, I was hooked. I thought I would start with scrapbooking but have found that I find more joy in making cards for others.

Although I have always been creative, I have never considered myself a visual artist. Until now. I am learning new techniques all the time, and I love it!

My day jobs have been in very technical environments, and paper crafting (doing it or just thinking about doing it) has provided me with a break from my analytical, rules-driven life. If I had known then what I know now, I would have studied art when I was younger. :)

My greatest passions are travel, the performing arts, animals, and nature. And now I've added exploring my creativity to the list.

Thanks for stopping by, and have an awesome day! :)

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